LGASSP has now completed field work within the flood zone, as initially laid out in the terms of the salvage survey. As of 2018, we have now begun to expand our survey beyond the flood zone, with the aim of better understanding the broader regional dynamics. As a result, our project is now known as the Taşeli and Karaman Archaeological Project (TKAP). A new website for TKAP will be constructed in due course.

We adopt a twofold approach to our work:

  • Extensive survey: seeking to discover and document as many sites and monuments as possible in the flood zone, thereby preserving some record of their existence for posterity

  • Intensive survey: investigating settlement patterns and landscape use in two alluvial plains within the valley - a northern plain to the southwest of Mut, and a southern plain around the village of Kışla, thereby gaining a deeper and more nuanced understanding of occupation in these key areas

2018 Season (TKAP)

The first season of TKAP was exploratory. As we were not all able to go into the field, some initial visits to key sites and locations were made, and some of the new sites from the 2017 season were revisited. 

2017 Season (LGASSP)

We spent our final LGASSP field season in two ways. First, we revisited a number of sites, checking our results and gathering additional information where necessary. Second, we explored sites in the wider region as a means of contextualising our data, from the coast to the Konya plain. The report was published in Anatolica 2017 and is available here.

2016 Season (LGASSP)

This year, we undertook more extensive survey work, discovering several new sites. We also did some intensive field walking in the area of Damtepe, and surveyed the remains of the Bronze Age to Roman road and rock cut features near the village of Keben. The report was published in Anatolica 2017 and is available here.

2015 Season (LGASSP)

This season we were primarily focused on intensive surveying, in particular in the souther alluvial plain and in the area around the mounds of Kilise Tepe and Çingentepe. A report of this season's activities has been published in the journal Anatolica 2016 and is available here.

2014 Season (LGASSP)

This season we undertook a mixture of extensive and intensive survey. The extensive work resulted in the discovery of several new sites, while the intensive work focused in particular on the mounds of Çingentepe and Attepe.  A report of the season's activities was published in the journal Anatolica 2015 and is available here.

2013 Season (LGASSP)

This season we focused on extensive survey, including the discovery of several new sites and the investigation of a number of previously-known sites. A report of the season's activities was published in the journal Anatolica 2014 and is available here.


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